Formulazione delle razioni alimentari

In this study have been involved 20 Friesian dairy cows, average body weight 650 kg; daily milk production was around 30 kg/day, with fat content close to 4,0% and protein content around 3,3%. Cows have been divided into 2 groups, 10 animals per group. 

The feeding requirements for all the cows involved in this study were the following ones (kg/day):

 ForagesConcentratesTotal Diet
Kg as matter141529
Kg dry matter10,913,224,1
Crude Protein1,02,803,80
Total Fat0,200,901,1
Total Fiber3,660,764,4
Milk Forage Unit (UFL)6,5315,421,9

Forages: alfa-alfa hay, oat hay, barley silage, vetch, ryegrass

Concentrates: corn meal, soybean meal (47% C.P.), corn flakes, soybean flakes, beet pulps, wheat meal

Ratio Forages/Concentrates: 45/55

Dry Matter Intake: 24 kg/day/head

Tannins Intake: 2,5% of Dry Matter

Daily Intake tannins: 600 g

Microencapsulated :       800 g maltodextrins

                                        1.200 g arabic gum

                                           600 g condensed tannins

Total Microencapsulated : 2.600 g/day

From the control diet, 2.600 g of concentrates have been eliminated, in order to insert 2.600 g/day/head of microencapsulated.

Concentrates in the Control and Microincapsulated diets

 Control diet (g/day)Eliminate (g/day)M diet (g/day)
Corn meal3.5941.1002.494
Soybean flakes1.875 1.875
Soybean meal (46%)1.815 1.815
Wheat meal1.755 1.755
Corn flakes1.5005001.000
Beet pulps1.500940560
Top Star1.500 1.500
Maltodextrin60 800
Arabic gum0 1.200
Condensed Tannins0 600
Microincapsulated60 2.600

WP 3.1.3 Chemical Analysis of the Diets (%)

 Control groupMicroencapsulated group
Dry Matter5555,80
Crude Protein14,8514,15
Crude Fat4,004,00
  • Chemical analysis performed on the two unifeed diets (C and M group) showed the following results:
  • Dry Matter intake was the same in both the diet (55%);
  • The two diets are exactly iso-energetic (4% C.F.);
  • The two diets are basically iso-proteic (14,85% vs 14,15% C.P.)


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